Ben Higgins Reveals Stunning Golden Bachelor Rumor About Cause Of Gerry and Theresa’s Divorce

Ben Higgins has information about what allegedly caused The Golden Bachelor’s Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist to split. Gerry and Theresa appeared on Good Morning America on April 12, 2024, to announce that their living situation had led to the end of their marriage.

Where Will 'The Golden Bachelor' Couple Gerry and Theresa Live? - Parade

Gerry filed to dissolve his marriage with Theresa on the same day as their date of separation. Gerry claimed that he and Theresa felt it best for them to live apart after they had several heart-to-heart conversations. The Golden Bachelor stars had vowed to love each other until death before the entire country three months earlier.

Ben addressed a “ rumor ” about Gerry and Theresa’s marriage on his Almost Famous podcast, which he hosts with Ashley Iaconetti.

During the Monday, May 6 episode of the Almost Famous podcast, Ben revealed a “rumor of a generalization of a conversation that Gerry and Theresa had.” He mentioned that Gerry had allegedly picked up Theresa at the airport when she went to Indiana to visit him. According to Ben, Theresa and Gerry were already “not seeing eye-to-eye in life.” Moreover, Theresa reportedly made a comment during their two-hour drive through the corn fields back to Gerry’s lake house that seemingly upset The Golden Bachelor lead.

Chris Soules Is A Farmer

As per Ben’s “rumor,” Theresa looked around and said, “Wow, look at all this beautiful untouched land.” She wondered if the land could be developed into condos, office buildings, and apartments. Theresa allegedly imagined the “towns that could congregate” in those open fields, inviting interested parties to move there. Theresa seemingly wondered if a resort could be built next to a lake, which for now has only cornfields around it. However, Gerry wasn’t on the same page as his then-wife. Rumor is that Gerry told Theresa, “You don’t take land from a farmer.”

This was a big start to them disagreeing on how they saw the world and what they imagined for the world and how they wanted to invest into the world. ”

Interestingly, the podcast guest for that episode was former Bachelor star Chris Soules, who is a farmer himself. Given his area of expertise, Chris was able to understand “both sides” of the alleged argument between Gerry and Theresa. He agreed that the areas would benefit from development and flourish economically. Chris mentioned how sometimes there are misconceptions about there being a shortage of land while farmers have “plenty of land to farm.” However, Chris doesn’t believe that this topic is something that would interfere with someone’s divorce. “I don’t think that should have resulted in [a breakup], but…to each their own, I guess,” he added.

Meanwhile, Ashley thinks that Ben made the rumor up. Although the details are juicy, The Golden Bachelor fans might never see the rumor getting confirmed now because Gerry and Theresa blamed their split on their living situation. Gerry and Theresa’s wedding was watched by millions of viewers across the world in January 2024, and nobody could have predicted the couple would be getting divorced in just three months. Gerry and Theresa insisted that they didn’t want to move away from their families. Ashley has declared she doesn’t buy that the cross-country living is the reason they got divorced.

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