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Steelers Suddenly Still Working To Bring Mason Rudolph Back: ‘Still In Play For Pittsburgh’

The Pittsburgh Steelers shocked fans when they signed Russell Wilson, sparking widespread speculation that backup quarterback Mason Rudolph would soon be seeking opportunities elsewhere.

NFL notes: Steelers sticking with Mason Rudolph at QB against the Ravens  even with Kenny Pickett available

However, according to a report by Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk on Monday night, this may not be the case, as his sources suggest otherwise.

“With the Steelers planning to sign quarterback Russell Wilson after the Broncos officially release him, many have assumed that the Steelers will move on from veteran backup Mason Rudolph. That might not be the case.”

Rudolph finds himself at a critical juncture as he approaches free agency, yet his name has surprisingly failed to generate substantial discussion within league circles. Despite his status as an impending free agent, there has been a notable absence of speculation regarding his next career move.

“Per a league source, Rudolph is still in play for Pittsburgh.”

This revelation adds a layer of intrigue to an already captivating offseason narrative surrounding the Steelers. As Rudolph’s future hangs in the balance, the latest developments underscore the fluid nature of NFL roster management and the unpredictable twists that can reshape a team’s dynamics in the blink of an eye.

Rudolph’s performance in December, stepping in to guide the Steelers to three consecutive victories and a playoff berth, was nothing short of remarkable. It undoubtedly enhanced his credentials and showcased his ability to deliver under pressure. As the offseason unfolds, it will be fascinating to observe the demand for Rudolph’s services and how his recent successes may impact his market value.

Florio concluded his remarks by emphatically reiterating that, to the best of his knowledge, Rudolph’s name has not been raised in discussions throughout the league.

“Much of that depends on whether and to what extent he draws interest elsewhere. Again, his name hasn’t come up during the first day of the legal tampering period.”

While Rudolph showcased his skills in December, his fortunes took a slight downturn in the playoffs. Nevertheless, he remained resilient, giving his all to aid the Steelers in their attempted comeback against the Buffalo Bills.

Mike Garafolo’s report, following Florio’s, adds another layer to the Rudolph saga. While Florio’s sources suggest minimal interest from teams, Garafolo indicates a starkly different scenario, stating that numerous teams have expressed interest in Rudolph.

The contrasting reports inject further intrigue into Rudolph’s impending free agency, leaving fans and analysts speculating about his future. With Garafolo’s insights suggesting significant interest from multiple teams, the likelihood of Rudolph returning to the Steelers appears to fluctuate dramatically.

Steelers’ Omar Khan May Not Be Done Making Big Moves

The Steelers’ offseason has been characterized by a veil of secrecy, with unexpected maneuvers keeping fans guessing. Initially, many speculated that Justin Fields would be the sole target for the team’s quarterback position. Then came a flurry of rumors suggesting various backup quarterbacks as potential candidates.

However, the unexpected signing of Wilson shattered these assumptions, signaling that General Manager Omar Khan’s work may not be finished. This bold move underscores Khan’s willingness to enact change and pursue aggressive strategies.

With numerous roster needs still to address, the Steelers now possess ample financial flexibility, having avoided hefty quarterback expenditures. Should the team opt to retain Rudolph, it raises the intriguing prospect of him becoming the Steelers’ highest-paid quarterback in 2024. Steeler Nation is eager to see where Rudolph lands in the next couple of weeks.

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