The outside world didn’t know what they would do, but the brass inside the building remained aligned. The Texans believe their tactic also limited leaks to prevent the trade price from increasing beyond what they eventually paid to jump to No. 3.

“We had talked about it for a while, to know exactly what it would take to get Anderson,” Ryans said. “I’m happy we didn’t have to worry about it getting out. If teams kind of know what you’re doing, maybe teams try to jump ahead of us and Arizona could kind of drive the price level up a little bit. What I love about last year’s draft, we had two guys we really liked. We were able to do whatever it took to go get both of them.”

As of right now, things will be far less exciting for the Texans in this draft. They traded out of the first round after a big spending spree in free agency, but they do hope to take full advantage of the value of their nine picks to help fill out depth along the roster.